The increasing adoption rate of technology has made security a hot topic in hospitality news, and for good reason. Managing numerous sensitive touch points can be overwhelming. Two of the most common points for security concerns are:

  1. Public-use computers
  2. HSIA

Deploying the right software on your guest computers will significantly decrease security risks.  For example, ElevenBC removes and encrypts user data, cookies, passwords, and transaction information at the end of each session. Trusting a third-party company that specializes in guest computing software will surely help ease any security concerns you have about your public-use computers.

With many guests connecting to your hotel’s network via more and more devices, security is becoming increasingly difficult to manage without help. Internet management software keeps your network secure; for example ElevenOS provides:

  • Portal pages that require users agree to terms of use before continuing
  • Zoned access so you can keep track of guest rooms, lobbies, conferences, etc.
  • Centralized reporting that allows you to track usage, etc.

Read Hospitality Technology’s article or Hotel Management’s recent publication on 2013 Internet security concerns to understand more on the hot topic of security.

How do you manage security for your HSIA and guest computers?