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Maybe They Don’t Want to BYOD

Finally, a bar you will want your employees to work in! Kimpton’s Eventi Hotel has implemented the “Business Bar” at their Chelsea, New York location. In exchange for drinks or Apple Genius’, this bar supplies guests with a number of gadgets for them to borrow during their stay. The best […]

The New Hotel Lobby: A Revenue Generating Hub

Isolated togetherness: working independently in a public setting such as a cafe or hotel lobby.
The obligatory space saved for a check-in queue and sometimes questionable looking armchairs often lacks the ability to do the one thing it should do: generate revenue. Hotel lobbies have the potential to make a great […]

3 Ways to Connect with “Silent Travelers”

“These new travelers don’t need tons of handholding, they shun human interaction, and know their way around everywhere they go.”
The elusive “silent traveler” skips traditional guest touch points in favor of digital options. Travel information star, Skift, first coined the term earlier this year when they predicted that in 2014 we […]

How Can You Protect Your Public Computers?

A recent surge in data breaches in the hospitality industry prompted the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) and the United States Secret Service to issue an advisory alerting hotels of the potential loss of proprietary business data and guests’ personal information via public computers […]

Optimize & Monetize Guest Internet: PART II – Optimization

In PART I of this series, we explored the top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet.

There’s no question that the guest Internet experience is affecting your property’s online ratings and reviews, and guests are becoming increasingly more reliant on those same reviews to help them decide where to book. […]