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Over a year ago, our CTO, Dan Lulich, shared some insight on The Future of Hotel Technology, including a shift in guest workspaces. Guests moved from isolation in their rooms to lobbies and communal spaces for work, socializing, and networking while on the road. This trend continues to gain traction with the continued advances in technology and mobility. Recently, these communal areas have been referred to as the “third space,” following home (first) and work (second).

HotelNewsNow author, Larry Mogelonsky, recently wrote about how “third spaces” are enriching guest lives and loyalty. These more open and social places are becoming modern day workspaces and networking hubs. Mogelonsky uses Starbucks as a textbook example of “third spaces,” where the environment encourages staying and supports the need to connect.

Providing a pleasant and social environment with reliable Wi-Fi, as well as accessible food and beverages are key factors in making lobbies, conference, and meeting spaces successful. A thriving “third space” can boost sales and even generate revenue from non-guests.

Mogelonsky covers 7 criteria to create a successful third space, which we’ve summarized below:

  1. Access: Avoid and eliminate barriers to entry for your potential guests. Keep it comfortable, yet professional.

  2. Ambiance: Inviting and well-lit with appropriate sound barriers or music levels for casual conversations and work.

  3. Ergonomics: Think communal and don’t forget comfort. Cozy couches and large armchairs are comfortable and practical.

  4. Refreshments: Food and beverages are great conversation starters. Make sure your food is worth Sharing and Tweeting about.

  5. Self-Service: Provide grab-and-go options for refreshments too. Think healthy options, like fresh fruit and veggies, breakfast bars, etc.

  6. Tech-friendly: Strategically place outlets for easy access. Keeping spare power and extension cords on loan or even for a fee is an appreciated and notable service.

  7. Friendly Staff: Hire staff that are social and have ample knowledge about local eats, happenings, etc.

How many of the 7 criteria does your “third space” meet?