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The Perfect Bandwidth Storm II: Hospitality Technology is Moving to the Cloud

In The Perfect Bandwidth Storm I: Guests Expect More, we covered guest behavior changes that increase the need for more bandwidth. Now in Part II, we’ll dive into hospitality management-specific technology.

Experts claim it’s been a particularly slow technological transition for the hospitality industry, but with a push from advancements in […]

The Perfect Bandwidth Storm I: Guests Expect More

We work dramatically different than we did just a few years ago. Instead of desks, we are tethered to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We communicate more and more via videoconferences, webinars and VoIP phone calls. This shift means the average business traveler has vastly different needs than he did a […]

Destination Hotels: Setting Your Property Apart

Hotels that monopolize on guest experience become more than just a place to stay. They become a place people want to travel – the ideal of any hotelier.

Built in the late 1800s, the Waldorf-Astoria was the first hotel to offer room service, which forever changed the hospitality industry. Other hotels […]

It’s all about Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Bandwidth

The saying used to be “Location, location, location,” but this mantra is quickly changing. As hospitality becomes more innovative with technological advances, there is an increasing need for bandwidth to handle all of these modern amenities.

What’s on the horizon? It begins with ordering in-room dining and using mobile phones as […]

The Future of Hotel Technology | Part VIII: Private Workspaces

By Dan Lulich, Chief Technology Officer, Eleven Wireless

Lobby Computers Aren’t Always Enough

The needs of today’s business travelers are changing.  In our increasingly mobile world, it’s easier than ever to take your work on the road.  Walk into any hotel lobby these days and you will likely see “road warriors” everywhere.  […]