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2012’s “Tech-Savvy Guests” are 2013’s “Guests”

In Barbara Delollis’ recent article, she describes how many brands in the boutique hotel industry are moving to iPads for virtual concierge services. In a recent highlight of the article by Hospitality Technology, they refer to this movement being spurred by “tech-savvy

guests.” It got me thinking, isn’t it time that we start […]

Is Your Hotel Mobile-Friendly?

In Adapting to Evolving Mobile Trends is Crucial by HotelNewsNow, experts weigh in on how the rise in mobile device use is affecting the way hoteliers should invest in technology.

“Global smartphone and tablet users will top the number of PC users in approximately six months,” says John Kim, Senior VP […]

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Bandwidth?

To follow our Perfect Bandwidth Storm series, here’s an interesting article that asked industry experts to evaluate an assumption about the future of HSIA in the hospitality industry and what it would mean for bandwidth demand.  In the article, the author, Dan Phillips, admits to making incorrect assumptions and speaks to […]

Developing Your Technology Strategy

Streamlining aspects of your business will cut costs and increase profits in the long run; implementing a strategy to help you is imperative. These are things that we know, but did you ever think about developing your “technology strategy”?
These days, every aspect of business is interwoven with technology. We use […]

The Perfect Bandwidth Storm III: Guest Computers Aren’t Going Anywhere

In Part I  & Part II  of The Perfect Bandwidth Storm series we explored the ways guests are consuming technology and how hoteliers are serving it up. The rise in mobile devices alone has created bandwidth shortages; couple that with cloud computing and you’ve got “the perfect storm” for bandwidth […]