Cloud-based Guest Internet Management Platform


Our cloud-based platform is the foundation of a great guest Internet experience for hotels of any size or market segment, and can be easily delivered across multiple devices and properties.


Flexible architecture and open APIs allow the ElevenOS platform to plug into existing infrastructure and allow for endless possibilities to drive guest engagement, loyalty, and revenue.


Deliver the stable and consistent Internet experience guests demand with enhanced performance and dependability features from Eleven – all without any added onsite hardware.

Constant Connectivity

Constant connectivity is transforming how we connect with guests and how we keep them connected. Eleven’s cloud-based guest Internet management platform helps hotels deliver a reliable, connected guest experience across all touchpoints – from guest smartphones to onsite business centers. Along with exploding bandwidth consumption, there is also increased pressure to offer Wi-Fi for free. The powerful Eleven platform enables hotels to offset infrastructure costs, drive revenue, and improve guest satisfaction scores for hotel Wi-Fi.

Ubiquitous Access

Guest demand for ubiquitous access to computing capabilities is also growing, especially as travelers continue to leave laptops behind in lieu of smartphones and tablets. Hotels should capitalize on this trend by providing temporary computing and mobile printing opportunities in the business center or lobby. From the road warrior who needs to do finish a presentation to the family who needs to print their city tour passes, travelers expect seamless access to information. To stay competitive and earn guest loyalty, hotels must deliver.

Millions of Guests Stay Connected Using Eleven Every Month

Started in 2001 deploying hotel Wi-Fi networks, Eleven has since grown into a powerful cloud-based guest Internet management platform, helping millions of guests stay connected each month at thousands of hotels, cruise ships and other guest-service venues.

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What Customers Say

With our high-end clientele, it’s not only expected that the solution be designed with first class looks, it must function flawlessly to meet or exceed guest expectations.

I have nothing but good things to say about Eleven; their support team has great communication, quick response time, and thorough resolution. Also, our guests are delighted with the iMac experience and the ease of use of the system.

The business center basically runs itself. With Eleven’s toner management program and outstanding service team, it’s a hassle free solution that brings our guests what they want.

Eleven is a one-stop-shop, they have a great looking product that is highly secure…it is also clean, slick, and minimalistic, which fits our lifestyle brand.